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WEDDING PLANNER Organizing a wedding involves a multitude of details: with Studio GMC, everything becomes more manageable, and success is guaranteed.

EVENT PLANNER Organizing a party is not as easy as it seems: we offer our support during the various phases of organizing an unforgettable event.

HOTELS and RESTAURANTS Sometimes the available furnishings are not sufficient. We provide high-standard equipment to make your kitchen services efficient and impeccable.

EVENT AGENCY Every customer has its own style, an identity. With Studio GMC, it is possible to rent furniture of any kind, transform the look of a location, and give a new mood to your event.

GMC alongside field experts The best experts in the field choose Studio GMC to rent furniture and personalized setups. Fast responses, well-executed delivery, and a wide range of different styles and types of furniture are our strengths. This makes us the best partner you could imagine.

Supporting in event organization Studio GMC assists you at any phase of the organization: setting the event's mood, suggesting cool locations, helping you with the right furniture, and ensuring the smooth delivery and collection of items. We are a present and focused partner ready to ensure the perfect organization of the event.

Contact us to start a collaboration Studio GMC Via Della Meccanica, 6 - 72015 Fasano (Brindisi - Puglia) Tel. +39 080 438 96 91 |

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Rely on GMC for the care of your events; we offer you constant support during the organizational phase and until the end of the event, and thanks to our network of professionals, organizing your events will be much easier!
Via Della Meccanica, 6
72015 Fasano (Brindisi - Puglia - Italia)